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Some Other Great Casino Games to Play on Mobile

Gamblers are nowadays considering online casinos, mostly in the form of mobile apps. Even though the invention of online casinos was intriguing to bettors, it could not provide them with mobility as they were mostly reliant on desktop stations. The innovation that brought about mobile phone casino games made life easier for gamblers to place their bets on the move. When looking for casinos in their mobile phones, bettors need to consider aspects such as the speed of payouts and mobile phone operating systems. Based on the type of operating system in one’s phone, they either use Android, Blackberry, or iPhone casinos. Mobile casino developers have mainly differentiated their software based on Android and iPhone operating systems. While iPhone users can get most of the play store’s casino games, Android users cannot enjoy that privilege because Google does not allow real money casinos on their platform. However, Android users can find other avenues in which gamblers can find applications such as betway, Mansion Casino, and Grosvenor Casinos. The most common mobile casino games include Roulette, Blackjack, Baccarat, and Video Poker.

Mobile Phone Roulette

The mobile roulette is deemed one of the best casino games offered by most online casinos. It is a new addition in the roulette betting options that enables gamblers to participate in instant play games through their mobile phones. Unlike in the previous online platforms where players were required to download a casino client in their desktop, the mobile casino version enabled players to play games partly in the workplaces and at their friend’s houses without worrying about any form of downloads. The innovation also allows players to use alternative operating systems other than windows.

How to Play Mobile Roulette

Playing mobile roulette is easy. It requires one to register for an account in a casino website offering the game, after which one is allowed to access the site using their mobile phone. The good news is that these mobile casinos are compatible with most operating systems. Thus, it can be played on iPhones, iPads, Android, and Blackberry phones. Players are encouraged to make their initial deposit through the casino websites using a desktop computer because its interface is easier to use. After the first deposit, players can make later deposits using their phones, although the interface may not be as encouraging as the desktop. With money already deposited in one’s account, players can navigate their device’s browser and select the roulette game. Concerning the best mobile casino developers, Leo Vegas leads the pack, followed by 888 Casino closely.

Mobile Phone Blackjack

Mobile Blackjack has been in existence for the last five years now, and the innovation has been in constant development for the past decade. Numerous high-end blackjack games have been availed for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets running on various operating systems. Unlike the mobile roulette, where developers have differentiated their software based on the operating system, mobile versions of blackjack are compatible with all leading operating systems. They are also available on numerous platforms. Thus, gamblers are not short of options.

Playing Mobile Blackjack

Players need to register their blackjack account with the mobile platform of their choice as their first step. After the registration process, players are capable of accessing the game from their mobile devices forthwith. Most mobile casino operators offer players two versions of playing the game, namely practice mode and the real money mode. The practice mode does not require money to play, and some features are inactive. On the contrary, the real money mode requires players to deposit some money in their account upon which they can access all the features and extras. The mobile blackjack version resembles the real-live version. Thus, gamblers familiar with the ground-based version are not expected to experience any difficulties while navigating through the mobile version. Rules are also similar to the land-based versions but playing on the mobile version is more straightforward, as all users are required to do is to tap on their device’s screen.


Legal matters regarding mobile blackjack are similar to online gambling, which are based on one’s jurisdiction. Therefore, gamblers must check regulations in their jurisdictions before considering registering with a web-based casino. It is worth noting that some countries prohibit gambling or some casino games.

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Mobile Phone Baccarat

Gamblers can play baccarat on their mobile devices either by downloading an application or through their web-browsers. Mobile Baccarat providers offer their customers various options of playing on the go, including web optimization through searching on a browser or downloading the application on iTunes App Store or Play Store or even from casino websites. Mobile apps are less frequent than web optimization searches insofar as mobile baccarat is concerned because they are subject to iTunes and Google play restrictions. Applications are also deemed to be more demanding in their development process, and they take up space in one’s device, which makes them least preferred by operators.

Factors Determining the Choice of Mobile Baccarat

• Usability

• Security

• Game Selection

• Free Option Play

Operating System

Apple users have always been on the upper hand insofar as mobile gambling is concerned. It has always been easy to download casino games from the iTunes platform. Conversely, Android users have been experiencing some challenges in that regard because Google has previously controlled gambling by barring real money casino games from Play Store. Available options to Android users have been the application of QR codes for download purposes and changing mobile settings to circumvent restricts controlling downloads from other sources.

Mobile Bonuses

Deprivation of bonuses or some features is one of the biggest concerns of most gamblers. Players should not get worried about such issues when it comes to playing baccarat in the mobile version. They are poised to miss-out on nothing as all the low deposit bonus benefits associated with baccarat are at their fingertips.

Mobile Video Poker

Similar to other casino games, video poker exists in either free versions or real money versions. There are numerous types of video poker games that feature different bonuses and are fascinating to play. Mobile video poker allows players to play against the computer instead of regular poker where one plays against other gamblers. The rules on the mobile version are automated, making them more straightforward for the gambler. Considering that even the land-based poker games have already adopted touchscreens in their facilities, the mobile version should feel the same. The screen size should be the only difference. Players are allowed to select from the available list of games based on their skill level. Mobile video poker systems are among the most flexible of the casino games because one can switch them seamlessly from one operating system to another. The mobile video poker game is deemed attractive for social media lovers as they can share their results with their friends on various social media platforms. Even though one can utilize either a downloaded application or the in-browser platforms, downloaded versions are deemed the best. This is because downloaded versions are closer to their phone home screens than the in-browser version. Mobile video poker is, however, imbued with a disadvantage in that they comprise a smaller variety of games compared to those available in the original sites.

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