Casino slots 920x425 - How to Win at Mobile Slots: The Ultimate Guide

With mobile devices becoming more and more popular, it’s no surprise that mobile gambling is on the rise. Mobile slots are a great way to gamble on the go and with so many different games to choose from, there’s something for everyone. In this blog post, we’ll give you some tips on how to win mobile slots.

To better your odds at slot machines, try these strategies

There are certain things you can do to improve your odds of winning at slots. First off, make sure you’re betting the maximum amount so that you may cash in bigger if you win the jackpot. In addition, try your luck at machines that pay out more money than others, as these will often have better chances.

Keep an eye out for the paylines. Identify the best slot machine for your needs. Be strategic and play progressive slot machines at the proper time. Acquaint yourself with the slot machine odds. One thing you must realise before we delve into each of these is that their benefits are only temporary. Everyone knows that there is no surefire way to win at slots.

Furthermore, make use of the casino’s bonuses and promotions to enhance your starting capital and your odds of winning. Anyone can be a winner at slots with enough luck and knowledge to do so.

How to choose the right slot game

Winning at slots requires a combination of a wide variety of skills and strategies. When deciding which slot machine to play, payouts are a major factor. If you want to increase your chances of winning, it makes sense to play at a machine that pays out more frequently.

However, there are additional aspects, such as hit frequency and volatility, to consider. Learn which slot machines have the highest payouts by reading up on them ahead of time, checking out user reviews, or getting personal recommendations from someone you trust.

Risking your time and energy for small prizes

Anyone who has ever played slots understands that winning the jackpot is an extremely remote possibility. However, this does not preclude the possibility of winning respectable sums by wagering on smaller jackpots.

If you know what you’re doing, gambling for lower jackpots may be pretty profitable.The difference between playing for a lesser jackpot and a larger one is lower than it first appears. A larger jackpot is more likely to be won in the same length of time as a smaller one.

The big one will pay you far more than the small one. The odds of winning the jackpot increase with its size. But the bigger the prize, the more money you’ll have to spend on a single spin. This is especially true when playing for a lower price, so keep both of these points in mind.

You should think about betting the highest amount when playing slots if you want to improve your chances of winning. You can boost your odds of winning the jackpot by doing so.

There’s no assurance that this will result in a win, but it’s worth a shot! You should risk everything on a single wager the next time you’re feeling lucky since you never know when your luck will finally turn.

Benefit from free plays and bonuses.

Slot machines have a large fan base for good reason. They don’t call for any special skills or knowledge to play but can pay off handsomely if you’re lucky. However, there are a few things you need to know if you want to increase your chances of winning at slot machines.

Did you realise, for instance, that each time you play a slot machine, you lose some of your wagers? To explain this, consider the concept of the “house advantage,” which is used by casinos. There is a statistical edge in favour of the casino, known as the “house edge,” over the gambler. John Grochowski estimates that the house edge on slot machines is between 4% and 15%.

Slot games have a different house edge for each game type. A typical slot machine’s house advantage is around 7%, while the margin for bonus-featured machines is around 12%. In a game of slots, you go up against the house and other players.

You may boost your chances of winning at slots by doing your homework and picking the correct games. The first form of slot machine, “classic slots” have been around for decades. Slot machines have been a staple at casinos ever since they were originally introduced in 1886.


People are getting more and more interested in mobile slots as they look for ways to gamble on the go. There’s no guaranteed way to win at mobile slots, but there are some things you can do to increase your chances. Some of these tips are to know what kinds of mobile slot games are available, to know the odds and probabilities of these games, and to take advantage of bonuses and special deals that casinos offer. With a little luck, you might be able to win some extra money the next time you gamble.

slot creators 920x425 - Our Favorite Slot Game Developers

Which is the best slot machine game developer. You might as well ask who is the Goat in basketball, Michael Jordan, Lebron James, Wilt Chamberlain or Hakeem OlayOlajuwon. Or maybe you like Oscar Robertson. When it comes to game developers, as it does to ask who’s the best about anything, it all depends upon who you ask. However, there are certain patterns that develop, and it’s certainly possible to name some of the better game developers.


One of the most popular slot machine developers is Microgaming. Microgaming, based on the Isle of Man in Great Britain, is one of the largest gaming developers in the world. Microgaming produced their first slot machine back in 1998, Micro Gaming has produced such favourites as

  • Mega Moolah
  • Jurassic Park
  • Break the Bank Again
  • Lucky Leprechaun
  • Thunderstruck 2
  • Atlantis
  • Santa Paws
  • Mystic Dreams
  • Mount Olypus
  • Terminator 2

Altogether, since their start in the 90s Microgaming has produced and created over 1200 titles for slot machines. And many online casinos go exclusively with Microgaming as their developer and slot game provider.

Post Image 4 Casino Apps That You Must Download Magic Slots - Our Favorite Slot Game Developers


IGT, short for International Game Technology is a very large, multinational company headquartered in London, that has over 12,000 employees worldwide. Traded on the New York Stock Exchange IGT has been a major developer of slot machines since 1981, and thus predates many of its current competitors, most of who developed online games only rather than physical slot machines. IGT still produces many physical slot machines, but like most other developers they have shifted their emphasis offline. However, way back in 1996, IGT produced the Wheel of Fortune slot, a progressive slot that continues to maintain its reputation for one of the most played slot games in the World. Other, very popular IGT games include:

  • Cleopatra
  • DaVinci Diamonds
  • Triple Red Hot 777
  • CATS
  • Sphinx Wilds
  • Pharaoh’s Gold
  • The Price is Right
  • Enchanted Unicorn
  • Texas Tea

Being such a large company, IGT has the manpower to produce several winning casino titles each year, and though in our personal opinion they don’t stand up to Microgaming. never the less, playing an IGT developed machine, whether physically in a casino or online is worth a few coins.


A pioneering developer for online slot games for over 20 years, NetEnt is a Swedish company that produces some of the slickest online slots in the industry. Many people do not realize that casinos, in particular, online casinos do not own the slot machines that they feature in their casinos but rather lease them from developers like NetEnt. NetEnt has over 200 customers worldwide, the majority of which elect to go with an all NetEnt or mostly NetEnt slot machine leasing packaging. True, NetEnt has less than a wide circulation of games such as Microgaming or IGT, but they do produce some of the most exciting games out there. NetEnt tends to concentrate its efforts on producing online poker, blackjack, baccarat, and other table games, but the company does have quite a few slot winners. One of those is Starburst, which is one of the most popular online games in the world. In fact, Starburst is so popular that many casinos offer a try at Starburst as part of their casino bonus package. Finally, there is Gonzo’s Quest, an extremely popular online adventure game which offers players the opportunity to win over 37,000 coins.


Our final selection as to top game developer is Playtech. Playtech, listed on the London Stock exchange touts itself as the largest online slot developer on the planet. Playtech offers a complete casino package to online casinos, and also is a major supplier of sports betting and bingo. Playtech started in 1999 and has grown 10-fold over the years, in part by acquiring many others. Part of the key to Playtechs success was to buy out and acquire other smaller developers, and the company has greatly expanded its capability by buying out Yo Yo Games, Quick Spin and Bet Buddy. Playtech has an A list series of clients, and the company supplies around 200 different games. In terms of slots, Playtech has been heavily invested in a number of comic book-them titles such as Iron Man, Captain America and the Hulk. Never content to rest on its laurels, Playtech is heavily invested in the Romanian lottery, the Polish lottery, Snai tech an Italian gambling firm and in 2020, began offering online casino games in New Jersey via Bet365. Playtech then is not just a player in the casino development business but is heavily invested in gaming developments overall.

GreatSlotGames 920x425 - The Best Slot Games of 2020

Game developers have been competing to produce casino games in the past decades. Nowadays, developers have intensified their efforts to develop online-based games occasioned by gamblers slowly departing the land-based casinos for online games. With the current coronavirus pandemic preventing people from assembling, more so in public spaces, bettors have been forced to stay at their homes, thus demanding online games’ intensification. Developers have strived to satisfy their customers by producing new and exciting online games, including slot games. The latest slot machines have been made interesting by dynamic themes based on movies, television, and entertainment elements. Various slot games, including 3-reel, progressive, and 5-reel, have been produced in 2020 by multiple developers. Some of the most intriguing slot games released in 2020 include but are not limited to 9 Pots of Gold, Super 7s, Rainbow Jackpots, Mining Fever, and Vault of Anubis.

9 Pots of Gold

9 The giant gaming Microgaming developed pots of Gold. The game’s title was released in March 2020, and it prides itself on being one of the best slot games of the year. The game was introduced at an opportune moment insofar as its theme is concerned. For a long time, gamblers were looking for an Irish theme, the game answered them. Its return is among the highest as it has an RTP of 96.24%, which means players can significantly gain from the game. It also comes with several features such as a wild symbol, 2,500 jackpot, and free spins. This slot game is a perfect game for gamblers of any level. The scatter feature in the game is one of the best things that was introduced in this game. It not only triggers free spins but also gives players an instant cash prize of up to 2,000x for 9 pot stake symbols. Another exciting feature in the game is the free spin feature. It allows players to win easily and lasts long. The game is available for all smartphones and tablets and is regarded as one of the best in the mobile casinos’ category.

Super 7s

This is a slot game for fruit machine lovers. It is imbued with first impression appeals. Its fruit theme introduces freshness from previous games, making players who love the theme to continue enjoying it in a new way. The game was developed by Pragmatic Playgroup and was released to the market in February 2020. Since its release, the game has amassed a huge number of fans. It is developed with some level of uniqueness that causes the attraction of many players. The game provides gamblers with an opportunity to experience a combination of classic slots and modern online slots. It is also available in many casino operators. Thus, the game is available to a wide spectrum of gamblers. Players have an easy life tracking their winning combinations, which are formed as a consequence of matching three or more features. Players do not need to make second guesses concerning symbols.

Post Image 8 Tips for Playing Mobile Casino Slot Games bonuses - The Best Slot Games of 2020

Rainbow Jackpots

This slot game is deemed to be one that amazes the entire world. Red Tiger Gaming developed it, and it gained popularity as soon as it was released to the market. Like the 9 Pots of Gold, the game was released in March 2020 and came with an Irish theme. The Irish theme fascinates many gamblers, and they cannot get enough of it. Its return on investment is also high as it has an RTP of 95.68%. It is also not short of features. Some of the most glaring features installed in the game include multipliers, 1224x jackpot, free spins, swap, and six bonus rounds, among many others. Its design constitutes of 5 reels and 20 pay lines. The swap feature is one of the most interesting elements of the game in that it provides players with a varied way of winning. The 20 pay lines offer players a formula to benefit maximumly on every spin as they are fixed into position in the slot.

Mining Fever

Mining Fever is probably one of the most interesting games a gambler should look for, stemming from the fact that two companies produced it. It is a Microgaming and Robcat, two-game developer maestros’ product, two companies that are known for their credibility and production of glaring casino games. It is deemed to be a fun game, and its return is significantly high at 96.13%. The game assumes a mining theme, and its payout is fair. The developers placed in it interesting features such as free spins scatters, and modifiers, among other features. Mining Fever constitutes 5 reels, 3 rows and offers players 243 ways to win. The game offers gamblers premium offers such as the gold-encrusted stones, a ring, hammer tokens, and crown, which are worth 25 times the stake for five per line. Players who are intrigued by bonus spins might find this game very interesting. Some of the fascinating attributes of the bonus spins include Driler’s Dwarven Drill: this feature is characteristic of a 1 bonus spin where the driler drills through one of the first three reels pilling wilds on it. Bombur’s Dwarven Bomb: This feature comes with 2 bonus spins. Upon activation, a bomb is usually placed in a position anywhere on the send, third or fourth reels. During the initial bonus spin, the bomb plays the role of a wild symbol while on the second spin, the bomb detonates, adding 2-4 symbols anywhere on the reels. Thunder’s Dwarven Hammer: This feature entails a 1 Bonus Spin where thunder slams the first, second, or third reels.

Vault of Anubis

This game assumes an Egyptian theme and is a product of Red Tiger Gaming. Players looking for numerous bonuses and huge payouts should check out this game. Interestingly, the new game comes with a novel feature known as Cascading Reels, among other features. The RTP of the game is 95.74%. Even though most players’ RTP values could be deemed low, the fun associated with it and its application of technology makes the game interesting. It is worth noting that the game is on a 7 by 7 grid and comprises cluster paying symbols. Once a player wins on this game, the cluster symbols disappear, and more clusters emerge to form a new opportunity for new winnings. The Vault spin feature usually appears whenever a player has 4 vault spins scatter anyplace on the reels. When the above happens, the player is usually awarded 12 spins and an initial 1x multiplier. One can trigger additional spins with extra scatters, but that does not happen too often. Free spins are profitable as they can award a player over 300x in payouts. The free spin mode is characterized by super active supersize symbols and wilds. It is an interesting game, especially for gamblers intrigued by wagering. The autoplay mode is also an attractive feature for this game as it allows a player to trigger spins in their absence; all they need is to check the outcome later. AutoPay enables players to break the monotony of looking at the screen consistently for long hours. Even though its theme may not be fascinating, its free spin feature and big wins are something that would attract many players in the future.

playinggamesonphone 920x425 - Some Other Great Casino Games to Play on Mobile

Gamblers are nowadays considering online casinos, mostly in the form of mobile apps. Even though the invention of online casinos was intriguing to bettors, it could not provide them with mobility as they were mostly reliant on desktop stations. The innovation that brought about mobile phone casino games made life easier for gamblers to place their bets on the move. When looking for casinos in their mobile phones, bettors need to consider aspects such as the speed of payouts and mobile phone operating systems. Based on the type of operating system in one’s phone, they either use Android, Blackberry, or iPhone casinos. Mobile casino developers have mainly differentiated their software based on Android and iPhone operating systems. While iPhone users can get most of the play store’s casino games, Android users cannot enjoy that privilege because Google does not allow real money casinos on their platform. However, Android users can find other avenues in which gamblers can find applications such as betway, Mansion Casino, and Grosvenor Casinos. The most common mobile casino games include Roulette, Blackjack, Baccarat, and Video Poker.

Mobile Phone Roulette

The mobile roulette is deemed one of the best casino games offered by most online casinos. It is a new addition in the roulette betting options that enables gamblers to participate in instant play games through their mobile phones. Unlike in the previous online platforms where players were required to download a casino client in their desktop, the mobile casino version enabled players to play games partly in the workplaces and at their friend’s houses without worrying about any form of downloads. The innovation also allows players to use alternative operating systems other than windows.

How to Play Mobile Roulette

Playing mobile roulette is easy. It requires one to register for an account in a casino website offering the game, after which one is allowed to access the site using their mobile phone. The good news is that these mobile casinos are compatible with most operating systems. Thus, it can be played on iPhones, iPads, Android, and Blackberry phones. Players are encouraged to make their initial deposit through the casino websites using a desktop computer because its interface is easier to use. After the first deposit, players can make later deposits using their phones, although the interface may not be as encouraging as the desktop. With money already deposited in one’s account, players can navigate their device’s browser and select the roulette game. Concerning the best mobile casino developers, Leo Vegas leads the pack, followed by 888 Casino closely.

Mobile Phone Blackjack

Mobile Blackjack has been in existence for the last five years now, and the innovation has been in constant development for the past decade. Numerous high-end blackjack games have been availed for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets running on various operating systems. Unlike the mobile roulette, where developers have differentiated their software based on the operating system, mobile versions of blackjack are compatible with all leading operating systems. They are also available on numerous platforms. Thus, gamblers are not short of options.

Playing Mobile Blackjack

Players need to register their blackjack account with the mobile platform of their choice as their first step. After the registration process, players are capable of accessing the game from their mobile devices forthwith. Most mobile casino operators offer players two versions of playing the game, namely practice mode and the real money mode. The practice mode does not require money to play, and some features are inactive. On the contrary, the real money mode requires players to deposit some money in their account upon which they can access all the features and extras. The mobile blackjack version resembles the real-live version. Thus, gamblers familiar with the ground-based version are not expected to experience any difficulties while navigating through the mobile version. Rules are also similar to the land-based versions but playing on the mobile version is more straightforward, as all users are required to do is to tap on their device’s screen.


Legal matters regarding mobile blackjack are similar to online gambling, which are based on one’s jurisdiction. Therefore, gamblers must check regulations in their jurisdictions before considering registering with a web-based casino. It is worth noting that some countries prohibit gambling or some casino games.

Post Image 8 Tips for Playing Mobile Casino Slot Games Know the game - Some Other Great Casino Games to Play on Mobile

Mobile Phone Baccarat

Gamblers can play baccarat on their mobile devices either by downloading an application or through their web-browsers. Mobile Baccarat providers offer their customers various options of playing on the go, including web optimization through searching on a browser or downloading the application on iTunes App Store or Play Store or even from casino websites. Mobile apps are less frequent than web optimization searches insofar as mobile baccarat is concerned because they are subject to iTunes and Google play restrictions. Applications are also deemed to be more demanding in their development process, and they take up space in one’s device, which makes them least preferred by operators.

Factors Determining the Choice of Mobile Baccarat

• Usability

• Security

• Game Selection

• Free Option Play

Operating System

Apple users have always been on the upper hand insofar as mobile gambling is concerned. It has always been easy to download casino games from the iTunes platform. Conversely, Android users have been experiencing some challenges in that regard because Google has previously controlled gambling by barring real money casino games from Play Store. Available options to Android users have been the application of QR codes for download purposes and changing mobile settings to circumvent restricts controlling downloads from other sources.

Mobile Bonuses

Deprivation of bonuses or some features is one of the biggest concerns of most gamblers. Players should not get worried about such issues when it comes to playing baccarat in the mobile version. They are poised to miss-out on nothing as all the low deposit bonus benefits associated with baccarat are at their fingertips.

Mobile Video Poker

Similar to other casino games, video poker exists in either free versions or real money versions. There are numerous types of video poker games that feature different bonuses and are fascinating to play. Mobile video poker allows players to play against the computer instead of regular poker where one plays against other gamblers. The rules on the mobile version are automated, making them more straightforward for the gambler. Considering that even the land-based poker games have already adopted touchscreens in their facilities, the mobile version should feel the same. The screen size should be the only difference. Players are allowed to select from the available list of games based on their skill level. Mobile video poker systems are among the most flexible of the casino games because one can switch them seamlessly from one operating system to another. The mobile video poker game is deemed attractive for social media lovers as they can share their results with their friends on various social media platforms. Even though one can utilize either a downloaded application or the in-browser platforms, downloaded versions are deemed the best. This is because downloaded versions are closer to their phone home screens than the in-browser version. Mobile video poker is, however, imbued with a disadvantage in that they comprise a smaller variety of games compared to those available in the original sites.

tablet 920x425 - Best Casinos With Low Deposit Bonuses

Online casino gaming has come a long way in recent years. Not only have they widely expanded the number and types of games that a person can enjoy playing on, but they have also changed gears away from only trying to catch the big fishes and now cater to all the regular little guys; all those players who want to do a little gaming with the few bucks they have leftover from that week’s budget. These average players can now experience all the big-time perks just like the high rollers. They are offered things such as free bonus spins and matched deposit amounts – up to a set maximum limit per deposit, usually offered on the first three to five deposits from every new gamer to join. So, you may be thinking to yourself that this sounds way too good to be true and may even be questioning the quality of the individual online casinos who offer these types of deals for all the small fish looking to play some slots or maybe a table game to try out their luck. Who knows what could happen, any day could be the one that the little fish instantly gets transformed into a whale with one spin of the slot machine. If this is you, and you want to get the most bang for your buck and receive the most bonuses for your limited budget available for some gaming, well then today is your day. You have stumbled on our list of the top 5 online casinos that offer great bonuses for those of us with just NZ10$, NZ15$, or NZ20$ to spare to deposit into a new casino account. So without anymore run around, here they are and what they offer:

#5) Captain Spins Casino

This is a highly acclaimed online casino that is very reputable among players who enjoy gaming from time to time, or some can afford to play daily. Whatever the case may be great perks are being offered by Captain Spins Casino. For starters, they offer to match 100% of any deposit up to NZ$300 for the first for deposits. Also, they give plenty of free spins on top of these matched deposits. You can get 50, 60, 70, and 80 free bonus spins on each of the first four matched deposits (in that order). With only an NZ$10 minimum deposit, these bonuses can be quite a large incentive to new players on a very limited budget. This reward system for new customers looking to win big is one of the top choices around, especially for such a big name casino. Getting these bonuses opens up the entire portfolio of over 1500 different games to play, with new ones being added every week. Many of these games come from well-known producers and game designers such as; Red Tiger, NETENT, Microgaming, NYX Gaming Group, Blueprint Gaming, Merkur Gaming, Big Time Gaming, Play’n Go, and many more industry leaders. Hundreds of these games are the personal favourites of many players – slots. From the minute you sign up and begin cranking away at that slot simulator you will be earning loyalty point to work your way up through the ranks and earn plenty of other bonuses and perks along the way, and because you earn points for every single dollar you spend and spin you pull, it is easy to gain these loyalty rewards even on the tightest of gaming budgets. It is also easy to see how Captain Spins Casino made it into our top 5 list of casinos to play the slots on with a limited gaming and gambling budget.

#4) Jonny Jackpot

Next up, is Jonny Jackpot’s online casino. Voted to be Kiwis’ favourite casino, this site boasts about its instant payouts and first-time deposit match of 100% up to NZ$1000. With a minimum $10 deposit bonus, you will also get 100 free spins on the Starburst video slot game by award-winning game designer NETENT. In addition to the first-timers bonus, there is a deal for every player to take advantage of every single Wednesday. That is another 100% deposit match of up to NZ$50 and 40 free bonus spins for the slots game Doom Of Egypt when that deposit is NZ$20 or more. To top it off, if you are busy during the week – as many of us are – you can claim the deal and then you have 7 days to use the spins before they expire and 30 days before the matched amount of the deposit expires. It is easy to see why this online casino site has been voted Kiwis’ Favorite, with the way they take care of their players – and that’s not even taking into account the loyalty rewards they offer to return clients. For your first-time deposit, you earn 500 loyalty points. Then you earn more points for every NZ$10 you wager on every casino game. The actual amount of points earned varies by type of game you wager on. For example, you gain 2 loyalty points for every 10$ you wager on virtual slot machine spins while you only earn 1 point for video poker and 0.5 points at the blackjack tables, per every 10$ bet. These points constantly continue to accrue and once you reach 1,000 points you can redeem them for NZ$5 bonus money to play with. With plenty of games to play by many game makers like Microgaming, Evolution Live Dealer, and a whole lot more award-winning names of the industry. You can kick back in your free time and enjoy playing some slots games such as Gonzo’s Quest and Starburst by NETENT or play roulette and other table games hosted by Evolution. Whatever your flavour of gaming choices is, and no matter your budget for playing is, Jonny Jackpot has what will fit your ideal gaming site and gives you amazing stretch to every dollar deposited and for every round, hand, or spin of a game played.

#3) King Billy

This powerhouse online gaming platform has established itself as a top competitor for paying casinos online for players of every financial situation to enjoy. So what can you do if you’re looking to play on a tight budget? Well, for starters they will match you 100% of any first-time deposit of up to NZ$300 and you can also accumulate up to 200 free spins along with a minimum deposit amount of only NZ$15, King Billy sets out to attract players from diverse backgrounds and every walk of life. There are so many rewards for their loyalty bonus program that it would be difficult to even begin to describe the value it creates to be a loyal and returning customer to deposit even the minimum amount to this site. With a payout rate of 97%, they are one of the highest paying platforms on the internet and gamers are sure to win more often than on most other sites. For all of us slot lovers, this is the site to join. They have 3,000+ slots from some super-sized powerhouse designers like Amatic, BetSoft, Endorphina, NetEnt, Pragmatic Games, and a whole host of other producers. This means they have one of the best libraries of titles like Wolf Run, Cleopatra, 50 Dragons, Miss Kitty, Enchanted Unicorn, Pompeii, and many other tops of the line slots games. Whatever your favourite slot title, they are almost sure to have it available for your gaming pleasure. So when you are looking to stretch your money out to the furthest possible lengths for a gaming experience, then this is easily the site for you to join. They take care of their returning players and offer even more promotional awards and giveaways than we could list, and on such a schedule that there is almost always something being given away to players on King Billy’s online casino site.

Post Image 8 Tips for Playing Mobile Casino Slot Games bonuses - Best Casinos With Low Deposit Bonuses

#2) Cookie Casino

This is so far an unknown addition to the market, having just launched in April of 2020. They offer some great incentives for grabbing the attention of new players and pulling them in. These include matching 100% of first-time deposit amounts up to NZ$150 with a minuscule minimum amount of only NZ$10. On top of this funds matching offer, they also add on 120 free bonus spins to get you going and winning at their 96.5% payout rate. Your bonus spins will be stretched out, being credited to your account at a rate of 30 per day, every day, for four consecutive days. Then, they continue to incentivize players to continue visiting their site by offering a second-time deposit bonus of 50% matched total up to NZ$100, continuing with the small minimum deposit of NZ$10, with another 100 free bonus spins. As soon as this payment processes, you are automatically given 50 free bonus spins for the Legacy of Dead slots game. They continue to offer a wide variety of deals that keep players coming back day after day for more great deals. For example, on Tuesdays, if you deposit NZ$20 then you get an additional 30 bonus spins on the Book Of Dead slots game. On Sundays, again deposit NZ$20 minimum and get 50% matched as a bonus for up to NZ$100 and also receive 50 free bonus spins for the Honey Honey Honey slots game. With over 2,000 slots and casino games like various table games, video poker, and Live Dealer casino hosting, they offer something for every player. No matter your choice type of game or the economic status of your player account, there us something here to fit your wish list. Plus, this site hosts players all over the world and is offered in at least 6 languages with the option of betting using 6 different types of currency. Which guarantees they will be able to be a comfortable fit for any nee player to try out their platform as they aspire to become a household name in the online gaming industry with some rapid growth potential.

#1) Maneki Casino

Our final addition to the list of online casinos with bonuses for deposits of NZ20$, or even less, this site offers a match of 100% of up to NZ$150 from a minimum NZ$10 and adds in an additional 33 free bonus spins for that minimum deposit amount that can go up to 99 free spins for a deposit of NZ$50. This deposit bonus continues generously. As the offer is repeatedly applied to the following two rounds of deposit. Totalling three chances to take advantage of this amazing offer. Maneki is a member of the N1 interactive casino’s group like Lady Hammer, N1 Casino, and a bunch of other well-known casinos in the industry. This just helps demonstrate the high quality of the site and their trustworthy reputation. They have partnerships with gaming designers like 1×2 Games, Booming Games, EGT Interactive, Quickfire, Thunderkick, Yggdrasil Gaming, Lightning Box, and many other top-notch names in the internet casino games creators industry. Now, because they boast a payout rate above 96% and offer such great bonuses for their players, it’s highly possible that even the lowest status players can rapidly become big fish in the pond. Which is part of the reason this site offers one of the highest withdrawal limits of NZ$15,000 per month.


So, as you can see, there are plenty of offers out there for those with only NZ$20 – or even less – to deposit into an online casino, to play some of their favourite virtual slots games. If this is you, then check out some of these options and take advantage of the deals being offered to earn yourself some free extra gameplay to use during your next day off, or maybe to unwind for a while after a long day of work. You earned it and will be happy to make your dollar stretch so far.

FeaturedImage Top 4 Slot Games You Can Play On Your Mobile 870x425 - Top 4 Slot Games You Can Play On Your Mobile

Slot games are one of the main attractions of casinos. There has been huge progress in this game over the years. The slot games came from the casino floors to your home and now you can even play these games on the go using your mobile phone.

The mobile platform has made it very easy to play online casino games. It is easy to play these games and you will be able to play anywhere. Here are the top slot games you can play on your mobile.

Treasures of the Lamp

Theme-based slot games are gaining popularity and that’s why this game has a high rating.

It is developed by the renowned game developer Playtech and that’s why the graphics and sound of the game are unbeatable. It is a 5-reels an 20 paylines game that provides lots of opportunities to win money.

Post Image Top 4 Slot Games You Can Play On Your Mobile Treasures - Top 4 Slot Games You Can Play On Your Mobile

You can play by spending as low as 50 cents to as high as $500 per spin. You will meet three beautiful genies in this game who will make sure that you enjoy the game. A Magic Lamp comes up randomly and gives you wild symbols and bonuses.

Rapunzel’s Tower

Just like in the children’s storybook here you need to save the princess from the evil witch. You will find the climax of the book here also. There are standard and bonus wilds that represent Rapunzel and her beautiful hair.

In case of the standard wild, you need to have 5 wild symbols on a payline and you can land on it many times during one game. If you get three scatter symbols then you will get 10 free spins.

Post Image Top 4 Slot Games You Can Play On Your Mobile Dead or Alive - Top 4 Slot Games You Can Play On Your Mobile

Dead or Alive

This is an action-packed game and you will love every moment of it. It is a 5-reel and 9 payline game that is developed by the famous Net Entertainment. You can spend 9 cents to $18 on every spin.

If you are lucky you can get 3000X your stake for every spin. As symbols, you will get a cowboy boot, whiskey, gun, and sheriff’s badge. There are also several scatter symbols that can generate free spins.


It is a race-themed game developed by Playtech. You will be able to play with as little as 25 cents per spin. There are extra wilds, extra symbols, and multipliers. There are lots of opportunities to unlock new tracks and win cash prizes as well.

These games are really fun to play and most of these games have a special theme. So, you will be able to get more immersed in the game. The graphics and sound are excellent and you will enjoy the whole gaming experience.

These games are compatible with your mobile phones. Now you will be able to enjoy these games anywhere. The games mentioned here are developed by renowned game developers and so you are guaranteed an exhilarating experience.

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Slot games are very popular in casinos. Now you have online casinos and these games are equally popular here. You can now gamble on the go using mobile devices.

As the slot games are easy to play and don’t need much technique or strategy, it is one of the favorite games for mobile users. Here are some tips for playing mobile slot games to increase your chance of winning.

Choose the game properly

You should choose games carefully as there are lots of choices available and not all can give you what you want.

Sometimes people choose to play the game on both PC and mobile. In such a case, you should select games that are compatible with both devices.

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Use the right smartphone

Today’s slot games are graphically enhanced and they offer great sound too. The smartphone you use to play must have a high-quality graphic and sound system so that you can enjoy playing the game.

Choose games that offer jackpots

If you want to win a progressive jackpot then you should play games that offer small but frequent jackpots. This increases your chance of winning more money over time.

Look out for bonuses

You should choose games that offer more free spins and deposit bonuses. These bonuses can help you win the jackpot. You will also have lots of fun playing the bonus rounds. Some casinos offer slot clubs and by joining those clubs you will be entitled to more bonuses.

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Choose reputable casino sites

There are many fake casinos out there. You should choose the casino sites carefully after researching and reading reviews. If you choose a reputable casino then you will be able to withdraw money easily.

Select simple games

If the games are complicated then the game developer must have invested a lot of money on it and spent more time developing it. So, it is highly unlikely that they will give away money to players easily.

You may have to spend more money to get rewards. So, it is better to choose simple games so that you get more chances of winning money.

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Know the game

If you know how the slots work, then you can increase your chances of winning. You should consider the number of paylines, bonuses, and jackpots before choosing a game. You should choose the games that offer the best payout.

You should also place your bets carefully when playing progressive jackpots.

Play the free version

Many slot games offer a free version of the game. It is better to play these games to get used to it before you start playing with real money. That way you will get used to the symbols and paylines. You will be able to learn about the wild symbols and jackpots too.

Though slot games are a game of luck, you can still have a better chance of winning by carefully choosing the right game. You can now play lots of slot games on your mobile.

There are mobile apps that you can download to maintain your bankroll. So, you won’t have a problem cashing out your winnings either. Get ready to transform your mobile into a portable casino with these great tips.