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The Best Slot Games of 2020

Game developers have been competing to produce casino games in the past decades. Nowadays, developers have intensified their efforts to develop online-based games occasioned by gamblers slowly departing the land-based casinos for online games. With the current coronavirus pandemic preventing people from assembling, more so in public spaces, bettors have been forced to stay at their homes, thus demanding online games’ intensification. Developers have strived to satisfy their customers by producing new and exciting online games, including slot games. The latest slot machines have been made interesting by dynamic themes based on movies, television, and entertainment elements. Various slot games, including 3-reel, progressive, and 5-reel, have been produced in 2020 by multiple developers. Some of the most intriguing slot games released in 2020 include but are not limited to 9 Pots of Gold, Super 7s, Rainbow Jackpots, Mining Fever, and Vault of Anubis.

9 Pots of Gold

9 The giant gaming Microgaming developed pots of Gold. The game’s title was released in March 2020, and it prides itself on being one of the best slot games of the year. The game was introduced at an opportune moment insofar as its theme is concerned. For a long time, gamblers were looking for an Irish theme, the game answered them. Its return is among the highest as it has an RTP of 96.24%, which means players can significantly gain from the game. It also comes with several features such as a wild symbol, 2,500 jackpot, and free spins. This slot game is a perfect game for gamblers of any level. The scatter feature in the game is one of the best things that was introduced in this game. It not only triggers free spins but also gives players an instant cash prize of up to 2,000x for 9 pot stake symbols. Another exciting feature in the game is the free spin feature. It allows players to win easily and lasts long. The game is available for all smartphones and tablets and is regarded as one of the best in the mobile casinos’ category.

Super 7s

This is a slot game for fruit machine lovers. It is imbued with first impression appeals. Its fruit theme introduces freshness from previous games, making players who love the theme to continue enjoying it in a new way. The game was developed by Pragmatic Playgroup and was released to the market in February 2020. Since its release, the game has amassed a huge number of fans. It is developed with some level of uniqueness that causes the attraction of many players. The game provides gamblers with an opportunity to experience a combination of classic slots and modern online slots. It is also available in many casino operators. Thus, the game is available to a wide spectrum of gamblers. Players have an easy life tracking their winning combinations, which are formed as a consequence of matching three or more features. Players do not need to make second guesses concerning symbols.

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Rainbow Jackpots

This slot game is deemed to be one that amazes the entire world. Red Tiger Gaming developed it, and it gained popularity as soon as it was released to the market. Like the 9 Pots of Gold, the game was released in March 2020 and came with an Irish theme. The Irish theme fascinates many gamblers, and they cannot get enough of it. Its return on investment is also high as it has an RTP of 95.68%. It is also not short of features. Some of the most glaring features installed in the game include multipliers, 1224x jackpot, free spins, swap, and six bonus rounds, among many others. Its design constitutes of 5 reels and 20 pay lines. The swap feature is one of the most interesting elements of the game in that it provides players with a varied way of winning. The 20 pay lines offer players a formula to benefit maximumly on every spin as they are fixed into position in the slot.

Mining Fever

Mining Fever is probably one of the most interesting games a gambler should look for, stemming from the fact that two companies produced it. It is a Microgaming and Robcat, two-game developer maestros’ product, two companies that are known for their credibility and production of glaring casino games. It is deemed to be a fun game, and its return is significantly high at 96.13%. The game assumes a mining theme, and its payout is fair. The developers placed in it interesting features such as free spins scatters, and modifiers, among other features. Mining Fever constitutes 5 reels, 3 rows and offers players 243 ways to win. The game offers gamblers premium offers such as the gold-encrusted stones, a ring, hammer tokens, and crown, which are worth 25 times the stake for five per line. Players who are intrigued by bonus spins might find this game very interesting. Some of the fascinating attributes of the bonus spins include Driler’s Dwarven Drill: this feature is characteristic of a 1 bonus spin where the driler drills through one of the first three reels pilling wilds on it. Bombur’s Dwarven Bomb: This feature comes with 2 bonus spins. Upon activation, a bomb is usually placed in a position anywhere on the send, third or fourth reels. During the initial bonus spin, the bomb plays the role of a wild symbol while on the second spin, the bomb detonates, adding 2-4 symbols anywhere on the reels. Thunder’s Dwarven Hammer: This feature entails a 1 Bonus Spin where thunder slams the first, second, or third reels.

Vault of Anubis

This game assumes an Egyptian theme and is a product of Red Tiger Gaming. Players looking for numerous bonuses and huge payouts should check out this game. Interestingly, the new game comes with a novel feature known as Cascading Reels, among other features. The RTP of the game is 95.74%. Even though most players’ RTP values could be deemed low, the fun associated with it and its application of technology makes the game interesting. It is worth noting that the game is on a 7 by 7 grid and comprises cluster paying symbols. Once a player wins on this game, the cluster symbols disappear, and more clusters emerge to form a new opportunity for new winnings. The Vault spin feature usually appears whenever a player has 4 vault spins scatter anyplace on the reels. When the above happens, the player is usually awarded 12 spins and an initial 1x multiplier. One can trigger additional spins with extra scatters, but that does not happen too often. Free spins are profitable as they can award a player over 300x in payouts. The free spin mode is characterized by super active supersize symbols and wilds. It is an interesting game, especially for gamblers intrigued by wagering. The autoplay mode is also an attractive feature for this game as it allows a player to trigger spins in their absence; all they need is to check the outcome later. AutoPay enables players to break the monotony of looking at the screen consistently for long hours. Even though its theme may not be fascinating, its free spin feature and big wins are something that would attract many players in the future.

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