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Welcome to Space Miner: Space Ore Bust, the premiere title of our brand new Venan Arcade label for the iPhone and iPod Touch. The team behind the development of App Store favorites Monopoly and NBA Live as well as BAFTA-nominated Ninjatown for the Nintendo DS bring you a game experience unlike any other.

A simple job mining space ore for your Uncle Jeb goes horribly wrong when the evil Mega Space Corporation hoodwinks your uncle and attempts to take over your family asteroid field. With their army of mining drones behind them, they will stop at nothing to drive off Gritstone Mining and claim this section of space for themselves. Determined to stop their sinister plans, you climb into your dad's old mining ship, head out to the fields, and do what space miners do best: Blow stuff up!

  • Bust huge asteroids into pieces of beautiful ORE to earn huge space bucks
  • Explore and unlock the 48 different sectors of the asteroid field, filled with hidden dangers and treasures
  • Customize your mining vessel from seven different hulls with over 75 upgrades
  • Defeat the increasingly deadly enemies of Mega Space Corporation as you forge deeper into space
  • Uncover the mystery behind the asteroid field while interacting with the eccentric characters of the Gritstone Mining Station
  • Conquer over 30 achievements and share your score on the worldwide leaderboard
  • Experience a level of polish rarely seen on the App Store, with gorgeous 3D graphics, spectacular particle effects, realistic physics and over 30 channels of movie-quality sound effects
  • Now featuring Retina support!

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