With 1000+ 5-star reviews, BOOK OF HEROES is one of the highest-rated RPG's on the App Store!


In the sleepy village of Glenfort, a great evil is awakening.

A hero will rise to meet it — will that hero be you?

  • NEW!The Coliseum has been completed! Defeat your foes to earn amazing new PVP gear and unique prizes! 
  • NEW!Share replays of your hardest fought battles with others! 
  • NEW!Move up through the ranks to improve your standing and rewards! 
  • NEW!Challenge your friends to a friendly practice match or even for a competitive match with Gold Shields on the line! 
  • NEW!New faces for further player customization! 
  • NEW!Gear can now be enchanted with two different enchantments!
  • And more!
  • Gather your closest allies into powerful guilds to reap huge rewards while collectively participating in raids and challenges!
  • Compete against other guilds for Power and Prestige!
  • Featuring integrated chat, mail and forums!
  • Complete quests and defeat powerful enemies to save your home and stop an ancient evil from taking over the world!
  • Customize your hero from the ground up — choose your face, gender, hair style and more!
  • Specialize in one of three classes — the powerful Justicar, stealthy Shadow Walker, or the wise War Mage!
  • Outfit your hero with thousands of unique equipment options, each one affecting their appearance!
  • Battle an army of beautifully-rendered hand-painted foes in fun RPG-inspired combat!
  • Take on powerful bosses to earn rare equipment and valuable loot!
  • Complete over 100 unique quests!

This game requires an internet connection.

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